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High School Musical

Wednesday 15th to Saturday 18th May 2019

Hertford Theatre, Hertford


It's the first day back at school after the winter break at East High. Basketball team captain Troy discovers that the brainy Gabriella, a girl he met singing karaoke on his ski trip, has just enrolled. They cause an upheaval when they decide to audition for the High School Musical. Brother and sister duo Sharpay and Ryan have starred in every school musical and will do anything to continue. However Troy and Gabriella's alliance might just open the door for others to shine as well.

Full of catchy songs and exciting dance routines, Disney’s ‘High School Musical on Stage!’ explores issues of friendship, first love and acceptance. Suitable for all the family.



Gabriella Montez ~ Macy Pollington
Troy Bolton ~ Joe Savill
Sharpay Evans ~ Amelia Acheson
Ryan Evans ~ Richard Churchill
Taylor McKessie ~ Lily O’Hare
Chad Danforth ~ Charlie Gates


Coach Bolton ~ Ciaran Couldridge
Zeke Baylor ~ Joshua Langley
Jason Cross – Harry O’Hare
Ripper – Jack Gale
Mongo – Reuben Chandisingh

Basketball Team:
Reuben Chandisingh
Daniel Richardson

Varsity Cheerleaders:
Laura Atkinson
Mollie Brown
Isobel Brown
Esther Clark
Chloe Flunder
Jessica Gale
Abbie Johnson
Zoe Martin
True Meischke
Jasmine O’Shea

Junior Varsity Cheerleaders:
George Anderson
Jena Cabbani
Poppy Croucher
Evie Dhillon
Saphie Meischke
Amy Richardson
Erin Shiel

Jack Scott ~ Loui Cimino
Martha Cox ~ Katie Spinks
Kratnoff ~ Myfanwy Harlow
Ms. Tenny ~ Abbie Johnson
Moderator ~ Mollie Brown

Ms. Darbus ~ Zoe Martin
Kelsi Neilsen ~ Poppy Newman
Jane Parker ~ Ria Cabbani
Cyndra ~ Libby Morter
Susan ~ Ellie Carter
Cathy ~ Jasmine O’Shea
Alan ~ George Anderson


Ria Cabbani
Ellie Carter
Reuben Chandisingh
Chloe Evans
Myfanwy Harlow
Lily Munson
Libby Morter
Daniel Richardson
Katie Spinks
Georgia Smith

Production Team

Director - Debra Constantinou-Bell 
Musical Director – Joanna Pierce
Choreographer – Wendy Couldridge
Stage Manager - Clive Bell
Set Design & Build - Jim Harris
Props - Clive Barton
Costumes - Liane Burnett, Amie Langley, Caroline Morter
Lighting Design & Operation - Andy Pierce
Sound Design & Operation - Graham Lay & Luke Godwin
Prompt - Julia Barton
Call Desk - Sue Hantke
Make Up - Sally Tomlin & Jackie Noble
Rehearsal Pianist - Jane Ring
Poster & Programme Design - Wildcat Design
Photography - Steve Beeston