Hertford Dramatic & Operatic Society

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Going Green

Wednesday 25th to Saturday 28th March 2099

The Studio Theatre, Hertford


Do we trust our politicians to be honest, to have morals, to do the best for our country, to save the world from extinction? Sound familiar?

John Brown, future leader of the Green Party, is a man with vision and charisma - but a man with a problem. The play opens with him giving a farewell speech at the annual conference after finding he has a mystery illness forcing him to quit politics. The party faithful cheer him as a hero as he delivers his final, stark message "Go green...or die." Those words soon become a story that hopefully will have the audience laughing to the final curtain. The principal roles of Madelaine and John require actors to have a good range as there are sad moments but they have a great deal of funny banter.

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John - Lee Baddock
Madeleine - Helen Church
Brian - Phil Nicholson
Christine - Liane Burnett
Laura - Gina Ormerod
Sir Clive - Christopher Wallace

Production Team

Directed by Cheryl Nicholson